Business Strategy Meeting Topic No. 1  

Staff Safety, Training and Compliance Reporting Session

It's 6 pm. The school nurse has left a message. Your chemistry teacher had an acid spill that day. This teacher enlisted a student to help clean the spill, while he washed the acid from his skin. He went to the nurse to request a dressing for his burn. Meanwhile the janitor was called to clean the residue left from the spill.

How many lawsuits or claims could result from just this one incident?
How many regulations were broken? How do you train staff to properly deal with incidents and prevent future occurrences?

This session will explore the details of PublicSchoolWORKS, the leading, 100% school-focused, risk management solution for public schools, that makes it easy for schools to implement, manage and sustain a complete safety program, delivers compliance with regulations and board policies, reduces liability, workers' compensation and program costs, all while minimizing administrator involvement.

The Employee Safety Suite includes: (Click here for more information)

  Business Strategy Meeting Topic No. 2  

Student Bullying Reporting and Intervention

A parent calls you concerned that their child is being bullied. School staff is aware, there have been numerous reports made and the parent wants to know why nothing has been done. You attempt to find records of reports and actions taken, and you find little documentation and realize you have a problem.

This session will explore the specifics of a revolutionary, web-based system to manage adverse student behaviors and accidents before a crisis occurs, from bullying to violence to sports injuries, while ensuring schools are complying with board policies and government regulations.

The system allows schools to shorten the time to action thus ensuring a safer environment for all.

The Student Safety Suite includes: (Click here for more information)