As a school administrator, you are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. You must also find ways to minimize costs, limit liability, and maintain strict compliance with all applicable safety and compliance regulations. But with today's many demands on administrator and staff time, limited budgets and resources, and continually changing regulations, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to organize and maintain control of all the information and activities that are necessary to meet these critical requirements. Administrators often have to rely on disjointed manual processes and the knowledge of individuals. This situation is typical in many school districts today, regardless of size.


The answer is a cost-effective, integrated system managing all aspects of development, implementation and tracking of your safety and regulatory compliance matters. A system that requires little staff time and effort to manage and execute, while providing you the confidence that all processes are being performed on a timely basis and reflect best practices.

PublicSchoolWORKS is a comprehensive, fully automated risk management program designed by veteran public school professionals that combines powerful, web-based administrative software tools and implementation/support services, to meet the safety compliance challenges of today's public schools.


First in results and first in ease of use, our exclusive web-based programs work nonstop to conduct and monitor student and staff safety, accident prevention and regulatory compliance, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Improve student, staff and visitor safety.
  • Reduce administrative and staff time and effort.
  • Reduce healthcare costs and workers' compensation claims and premiums.
  • Reduce risk, liability, fines and losses related to negligence, accidents and violations.
  • Reduce costs of outside safety compliance service vendors.
  • Reduce need and costs associated with subs and temps.
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork.while improving recordkeeping and record retention
PublicSchoolWORKS delivers the most comprehensive, vigilant risk management program available anywhere for public school districts. Features include:
  • Fully automated staff safety & policy training
    Delivers better trained staff with over 100 safety and customizable school policy courses; automatically tracks, records, & reports training.

  • Fully automated accident management
    Drives injury management and prevention through automated accident reporting, notification, investigation, return-to-work, analysis, affected-employee retraining, and OSHA 300 reports.

  • Fully automated compliance management
    Delivers federal, state and local regulatory compliance through automated scheduling and tracking of pre-written, customizable safety compliance tasks.

  • Fully automated student safety
    Provides students with an understanding of proper safe and social conduct, and the means to be responsible participants in maintaining a safe school environment.

  • Safety & compliance resources
    Automated MSDS, employee hazard reporting system, over 100 ready-to-use customizable written plans, forms and notices, and staff telephone access to help desks.

  • Expert implementation and support services
    A one-stop-shop for services to quickly implement and sustain an up-to-date risk management program without major disruptions.
And, WE DO ALL THE WORK, from setup and training, to taking staff calls and addressing administrative issues along the way. Our customer retention rate is 100%, reflecting the value of our service and our commitment to total customer satisfaction.